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Mount Olive’s congregation council, called the vestry, meets monthly to tend to the business of the parish. Newly-elected vestry members are installed each year during a regular worship service and are entrusted by the congregation to make most decisions on its behalf. Vestry terms begin on July 1.  Twice a year the vestry convenes meetings of the entire congregation to discuss and reach major decisions affecting Mount Olive.

Vestry members include officers and directors of the major committees, each elected by the congregation, who direct much of Mount Olive’s outreach and activity. The pastor, cantor, vicar and neighborhood ministries coordinator also regularly attend meetings. They report to the vestry.

Current vestry members are:

David Anderson, president
Tom Graves, vice president
Sue Browender, secretary
Chad King, treasurer
Larry Duncan, director of congregational life
Steve Manuel, director of education
Lora Dundek, director of evangelism
Ssamantha Pipkorn, directors of neighborhood ministries
Judy Hinck, director of missions
Art Halbardier, director of property
Donn McLellan, director of stewardship
Adam Krueger, director of worship
Amy Thompson, director of youth

The vestry meets on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the east assembly room. Highlights from meetings are included in the Olive Branch, generally the week after each meeting. Contact the church office to get in touch with a vestry member or to express interest in serving on a committee.







The Mount Olive foundation was established in 1972 as an endowment to ensure that generations yet unborn would benefit from the congregationís vibrant ministries. As a legal entity separate from the church, it has its own articles of incorporation, bylaws and board of directors. Since its inception, the foundation has distributed more than $150,000 to support various parish programs, including youth trips, stained glass window restoration, chapel-lounge renovation, and support of the building repair fund and neighborhood ministries. Contact us for questions and information about the foundation.





The Christus Rex Society, named for Christ the King, collects gifts of stock, cash, mutual fund shares or deferred gifts from wills, trusts, annuities, insurance policies or investment funds for work in the congregation, now and into the future. The eternal flame burning in the chancel was placed by the society to honor the memory of the Rev. Herbert J. Mueller, a pastor of Mount Olive in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Contact us with questions or information about Christus Rex.






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