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We believe in an eternal God who created existence, who came to us in human form and whose spirit sustains our lives.

Beyond that, the details of Christian belief at Mount Olive would trigger a rich and vigorous discussion. We tend not to accept easy explanations but to explore, as fully as we can, the way Jesus has set before us. We consider human curiosity a wondrous gift. Our faith is deep enough to withstand the asking of tough questions about, for example, the evolving universe, the divine nature of Jesus, his virgin birth, the meaning of his teachings, the reason for his death and the form of his resurrection.

The foundation for answering those and other questions are found in the ancient creeds of the church. Each Sunday we confess our faith by reciting one of those creeds -- either the Nicene (circa. 320) or the shorter Apostles version. Although expressed in the language and metaphor of centuries past, these creeds contain the precepts of Christian faith, revealing God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Lutheran interpretation comes from a 16th century German monk, Martin Luther, whose quarrel with Rome over the nature of faith split western Christianity. That painful divide, along with advances in printing and personal empowerment, helped push medieval Europe toward Renaissance. Read the official ELCA review of Lutheran beliefs.

All in all, Mount Olive aspires to become a Christian community in the fullest sense; to offer an essential and meaningful liturgical life; to support one another and our neighbors in both body and spirit; and to encourage open and respectful discussion about our faith and the living of it. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will inspire us to do God’s work within our hearts and all around us.


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